All cost estimates are valid for 30 days. Because material costs fluctuate so rapidly in the industry, we can only guarantee costs for a limited time. Even so, you can be sure that MHR prices can fit any budget without compromising quality.


The design and structure of each product is created in collaboration with each client, however, MHR reserves the right to alter the design based on functionality, style, and material available. We aim to create the best option for each space.


The delivery of the final product, with or without installation, is guaranteed to fit perfectly. If something about the space has changed since the initial measurement, you need to let us know. Some changes may result in alterations to the product and incur additional costs. Particularly during construction, we understand that things change rapidly, but please note that our products are often sensitive to those changes and we want our clients to be happy with our final products.

Please note, MHR is not responsible for products removed or stolen from the property after they’re been delivered.


We aim to complete each product as soon as reasonably possible, but sometimes we deal with unforeseeable issues. To ensure the pristine condition of all products we deliver, the transportation, installation, and painting may be delayed because of rainy or snowy weather. Your product may also be delayed due to unaccountable, previous property damages, such as house conditions or the mistakes of previous contractors. Because we take these precautions, you can be sure your product looks great in the end.


Our final deliveries are cleaned and touched up with paint where needed. If our products are damaged after we leave, we are more than happy fix any issues, but the additional work is susceptible to additional costs.

City Permits

The homeowner or the client is responsible for obtaining any permits required by the state or county. Any fines for permit violations cannot be transferred to MHR.


MHR is not liable for any injuries incurred while the product is not in place. The nature of the contract may require existing products to be removed for repair or for the installation of new products. This may jeopardize the safety of the space. We will take every possible precaution to make the space safe and functional, but cannot guarantee the safety of anyone while the work is not fully complete. Please be particularly careful when navigating stairs without railings.


Product installation is often included in our contracts. However, it should always be the last step in the home renovation process. Please make sure that all floor and wall remodeling is done prior to railing installation. All appliances should also be installed before railings go up. If we are asked to remove our railings for any reason after they’ve been installed, there will be additional uninstallation and reinstallation charges. We will make every effort to coordinate an installation date that works for you in order to avoid uninstalling the final product.


We aim to make all of our products reflect our high standards. Unfortunately, all metal deteriorates with time. Rest assured, however, that all of our products fall under a 2-year warranty. During that time period, we will be happy to make any repairs or paint touch-ups if your product shows any signs of rust or peeling paint. Please keep in mind that the warranty does not cover any damages done by other contractors during the construction phase.


Philadelphia Contractor’s License #051606
PA Home Improvement Contractor’s License # PA144713
OSHA 30 certifications for our entire on-site crew