The Talent:



Mikhail Parhomchuk

Master Fabricator/Welder

Mikhail has been in the business of modern renovations for almost a decade and counting! His love and passion for welding and fabricating brought on a desire to turn an old industry into a new customer-focused establishment. With his Tig/Mig welding experience under his belt, he was able to open MHR Metal Fab and has evolved it into the modern business structure it is today. He will never stop trying to make the steel industry great again.


Cooper Boudreau
Project Manager

Cooper is almost literally made of steel. Since joining the MHR team, he's unleashed a creative energy that's influenced some of our more artistic pieces. He strives for accuracy and efficiency, while making sure all final products have a clean and polished feel. Plus, he's strikingly handsome.


Dale Smith
Welder Jr.

As our youngest recruit, Dale does a little bit of everything. When he's not annoying everyone in the shop with his remixes of classic songs, he churns out some pretty clean welds. Never will you meet a man with the same levels of enthusiasm, for both his work, and his team. He makes things work on the Daley (it's a hilarious pun).


Maksym Shuportyaka      Master of Finance/Welder

When he’s not investing in index funds, Maksym manages all of our accounts. With his secret welding skills, he helps out on some of our more specialty projects. He also brings a Chemistry Associate's degree to the company, which is extremely valuable in understanding metal composition and manipulation. He has an eye for quality work and an ear for lame jokes. 


Anthony Hunt

Tony is our resident fab man. Not only can he FABricate like a machine, but he is also FABulous. In the shop, you'll find Tony double and triple checking work so that everything is flawless and the designs match client expectations perfectly. On site, he makes sure every property gets the attention that it deserves.

Rosie TD.jpg

Shop Support Dog

Rosie is the MHR shop dog. She has the tedious task of running around, barking, and eating all your snacks. You’ll often find her at the shop on her designated work day “Rosie Thursday.” She is small, but leaves a big impression on everyone she meets.


Makaria Tsapatoris
Welder/Parts Expert

With over 10 years of experience in welding, Kar is the best at taking on unique projects that come through the shop. Whether it’s repairs, custom detailed work, or restoration, she’s on it. She’s also an expert on prepping parts and making sure the fabricators do their thing. In everything she does, she carries on Moe’s legacy.


In Memoriam:

Daniel (Moe) McLaughlin

On March 3, 2019, we lost a valued friend and colleague in a fatal car accident, but while he is no longer with us, he will always be a part of the MHR team. As our all-around shop hand extraordinaire, Moe took great pride in watching over the shop by keeping it clean, functional, and safe. Moe was a key player in making MHR as efficient as possible, so he is literally impossible to replace. We will always be grateful for all his hard work. So long, Danny Boy.